A Celtic-Gallican Tradition


Offered here is an effort to reduce reader’s confusion caused by the name of this jurisdiction. The “Apostolic Episcopal Church-Order of Corporate Reunion” is neither an “Anglican” nor “Episcopal” jurisdiction.  Other jurisdictions using the “Apostolic Episcopal Church” name in various forms including the “Order of Corporate Reunion” are totally separate entities. This Church is a member of the Celtic Synod and subscribes to that Synod’s doctrine.

The Apostolic Episcopal Church was established in the United States in 1925 by Bishop Arthur W. Brooks, a former clergyman in the Protestant Episcopal Church, and Bishop George W. Plummer, a respected independent clergyman. The Church was incorporated in Queens County, City of New York in 1932 and for many years thereafter, Bishop Brooks and the A.E.C. maintained a ministry at the Christ-by-the-Sea Church serving Queens, N.Y. As a result of a long-standing association with the Apostolic Episcopal Church the Order of Corporate Reunion (O.C.R.) became an integral part of the Church.

The Order of Corporate Reunion was founded in 1874 by Reverend Frederick George Lee of the Church of England and headquartered in London England. The O.C.R. is not a religious order in the true sense nor is it a secret organization, but represents a valid apostolic line of succession.  At its commencement in 1874, the O.C.R. possessed a bona fide line of apostolic succession recognized by the Vatican and Canterbury. Its primary mission was to ensure valid and unquestioned apostolic succession being conferred upon the clergy serving in the Anglican Church. Today the Order is no longer recognized by the Roman or Anglican Churches but is instead considered valid and standing alone.  Bishop William A. Nichols introduced the Order in the U.S. in 1933 and in the same year passed succession to Bishop Arthur W. Brooks,.

After suffering a turbulent history covering some years, lacking leadership and becoming associated with various theologies both jurisdictions came close to extinction. As a result the Apostolic Episcopal Church and the Order of Corporate Reunion were re-organized, merged, and incorporated into a Religious Corporation in the State of New York in 1995. Shortly after its incorporation the Apostolic Episcopal Church-Order of Corporate Reunion elected to convert into the Celtic Gallican Christian tradition. 

The Apostolic Episcopal Church is a member of the Celtic Synod using the accepted Celtic liturgy. It practices conservative theology and doctrine but possesses and displays compassion and understanding. The Church stresses fellowship along with upholding and propagating basic pre-Nicene Christianity by teaching and adhering to the Holy Scriptures as expressed in the Apostolic Teachings and Creed.  This Church recognizes the             first three Ecumenical Councils of the early Christian Church and the sacraments of Baptism, and the Eucharist.



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